By heart I am

a two am dreamer or a sound sleeper

I think I’m a sound sleeper, even though It take me a lot of time to fall asleep when I do, almost nothing can awake me.

reckless or reliable

Reliable, sometimes. I temp to always think twice before doing something, but I try always to go for it anyways.

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a garden grower or a forest explorer

I’m a forest explorer. I love trying new things and going to new places. It is always nice to have an adventure.

a newspaper or a colouring book

A newspaper is full of captivating storys, even though I’m not full of them, the few things that happened to me can totally fill one.

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the astronaut or the moonchild

I’m the moonchild. I love to watch it every time I can. And is like a North to my compass. I think I made my best decisions at night.

young at heart or an old soul

Definitely an old soul. I would rather stay at home to eat and watch movies, than going to a club or something. I also have my days to partying and all that, but If I had to choose…

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a romantic or a realist

Sadly I’m a romantic, always over dream it about the scenarios that can happen with someone, and maybe I get to dissapoint myself a lot because of that, so don’t be a romantic by heart!

a cloud gazer or a star chaser

I’m a star chaser, catch them will be amazing and my dreams too, so I chase them If I can.

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a mountain or an ocean

I’m an ocean. I’m full of feelings and thoughts. And maybe I seem calm sometimes, but when the wind goes wild so am I. Many people don’t want to get involve with deep water sometimes, but in the bottom the wonders and surprises can be breathtaking. It can be hard at the beggining, but will definitely worth it.

the artist or the muse

The artist, I like to get inspired by others and put my side of the view.

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by heart I love or choose…

sleeping beneath the stars or sailing at sunrise

This is a hard one, even though sleeping beneath the stars is something relaxing, Sailing at sunrise opens up your mind, the calm of the morning, the sound of the birds…

flying to the moon or swimming to atlantis

I choose flying to the moon, being near them and the stars is something I always wanted.

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polaroid pictures or hand-written letters

Hand-written letter, no matter how much time it pass the thought and words of that person are still there, and you can read them with their voices in your head.

barefoot adventures in the jungle or exploring rooftops in paris

I choose barefoot adventures in the jungle, the things I could get to find and discover would be amazing!

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summer nights or city lights

Summer nights, because everything can happen in the summer.

paintings or poems

I will choose paintings, being my mom an artist I have always loved paintings.

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rainy days or stormy nights

Rainy days, because the world calms a little when it start.

vintage postcards or antique telescopes

Vintage postcards, it is always nice to have a view of the past.

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constellations or conversations

Conversations, as the inspiration for this article said, it would be boring without them.

déjà vu or nostalgia

I choose déjà vu, the mistery behind it and the feeling of re-living a moment is great.

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