Hey guys!

I’ve been tagged to another challenge which is the bucket list tag. This is not very accurate as I have soooooo much more things in my bucket list, but these are just a few more general ones, and not very personal/weird ones. I was tagged by Tess and Paulien:


↣ Meet all my favourite celebrities, or as many as possible

↣ Write a book

story, ink, and writing image books, style, and instagram image

↣ Go to a live concert, maybe even to all of my favourite artists’ future concerts

↣ Learn Chinese fluently; learn a bit of a fantasy language

↣ Write an actual good song

fashion, girl, and guitar image music, aesthetic, and indie image

↣ Able to live independently in the future

↣ Help out people around the word

↣ Visit more countries (but hopefully I won’t get too sick on the planes)

Temporarily removed city, paris, and france image Temporarily removed art, drawing, and city image

↣ Meet my WHI friends IRL

↣ Help out animals in need as well

girl, summer, and beach image adorable, animals, and couch image dog, puppy, and cute image Image removed

And that’s a wrap!

Now I tag:

n u r i j a ♡
n u r i j a ♡
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ʟʏᴅs ✩
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