I know self love can be hard, but it is so important to love yourself and who you are. I thought I would share some small habits you can do every day to figure out the art of self-love


give compliments to yourself. when you wake up, think of 5 positive things about yourself. if you compliment other people, you make other people happy and you will feel better about yourself

be yourself

you won´t feel beautiful if you try to look like someone else. wear what you want and do what you want. it is so important to be yourself and not compare yourself to others. you are going to feel a lot better by being you. if you are yourself, people will see it and you will seem confident

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feel beautiful

you are beautiful and you have to know it. do what makes you feel beautiful. wear makeup if you want to (just be comfortable without too), style your hair and put an effort in how you look. if you feel beautiful you will also be confident

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focus on achievements

don´t focus on the bad things you´ve done in the past. don´t criticize yourself and instead focus on all the good things you´ve done and accomplished and achieved


smile to yourself and others. by smiling, you will feel happier because that´s what smiling do. you will also feel happy because your making other people happy. you will feel more beautiful and it will boost your self esteem

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find something you´re good at. it can be sports, arts or music, everyone has talents. when you do something you´re good at and you feel talented doing it, you will feel confident.

be happy

don´t do things you don´t want to do and don´t keep bad people in your life surround yourself with people you love and make you feel happy and confident. find out what makes you happy and do it. support your friends and they will support you back and boost your self esteem.

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