I met a boy two weeks ago and i can totally tell you that God sent me this person only for me, i can promise you that he is the most beautiful persona in this world and i'm not talking about only about the physique, i'm talking about his personality, his own way to speak with me, the way he make me smile and make laugh.

And i know there is only two weeks since i met him but can surely tell you that when the love knock in your door in that way it is impossible not to fall.

I had not felt that way for a long time, but you have to see the way he looks at me, the way he smile for everything i say, his perfect accent when he speak only for me, the way he make the fool only for see my smile.

So, i can tell you that when love knock on your door in that way, please don't close the door or i promise you that you'll propably regret it.