So I've been wanted to do this for a while, so hopefully it won't be hard to find cities for "Artemis". Well, here goes!

Anchorage, Alaska.

cityscape, gifts, and Halloween image inspiration, photo, and travel image

Recife, Brazil

aesthetic, blue, and colors image beach, blue, and brasil image

Tabriz, Iran

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Erie, Pennsylvania

pa and erie image grass, grey, and house image

Madrid, Spain

city, cool, and flower image antique, beautiful, and city image

Ibaraki, Japan

sunflower, japan, and summer image photography, hitachi seaside park, and girl image

Sacremento, California

cold, drawing, and goals image abandoned, beautiful, and green image

Thanks for reading! I know I have a long name and it's been a pain to find a city that started with "I" but I did it! like and follow, and ave a nice day everyone!