This is the first time i'm writing an article and I wanted to do the 30 Days Writing Challenge because I love to write.

DaY 1: explain the meaning of your name

My name is Anna,
this name derives from the Jewish Hannà , that means 'grace, attractive'.
According to the Christian tradition, Anna was the mother of the Madonna.
Anna, one of the few palindromic names, is among the first most widespread names in Italy (where I am from), particularly in the regions of Campania, Lombardy, Lazio and Puglia. Even abroad it is widely used, especially in the United States, Norway and France.

Courageous and persevering, people with this name are aware that in life one must fight even in the face of defeats. their tenacious character also hides a sweet, protective and tender side, which makes them very appreciated people.

The Saint is the patroness of pregnant women, widows, embroiderers, manufacturers of socks and gloves, seamstresses, sculptors, scrapers, dying men, miners, sailors and turners. It is invoked to facilitate childbirth, to find lost objects and keep misery away.

Meaning: divine grace, mercy
Nameday: July 26th
Origin: Hebrew
Corresponding sign: Cancer
Lucky number: 7
Blue color
Stone: Sapphire
Metal: Gold


my actual favorite color is blue and i really like sapphire stone, but i prefere silver to gold.
anyway thanks for reading my article,,

love Anna.