Disclaimer : Everything mentioned here is part of my own experience and maybe the specific time interval I'll mention here will not coincide to the rhythm and lifestyle of each of us! So don't worry; the time can be different, but the finish line is the same for everyone!

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Watch movies without subtitles
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At the first try it can be a difficult challenge - an annoying and stressful challenge and it even makes you hate your favorite movie, but after you get used to do it, it becomes easy and fun. And don't forget that at the same time you can evaluate yourself !

International Language Exchange and Blogs
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Well,that helped me the most !
Obviously - the basic words in English have taught and deepened at home and school (through books - a topic I will discuss later), but some expressions I have learned in social media.
It's an interesting experience. And who doesn't want friends ?! :))

This awesome program was created by :

Wow,what a good idea! Big thumbs up.

You can send a private message to her containing a minimalistic description of yourself, about your native tongue, and most important : what do you want to learn or what do you want to teach !

Watch videos about English and how can you improve your vocabulary

It was pretty hard to find a channel, but I remembered bout Lucy (aka English With Lucy) :


The lyrics of your favorite songs
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After listening to the song you can look for its lyrics and I swear there are still specific words or expressions that you don't know the meaning of. :))

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I urge you that after you get some experience to try to read some books in English ! It will help you a lot!

Write Texts
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My bullet journal contains only English paragraphs !

Don't forget that everything I wrote here can be applied to any language!


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