There was a boy in our school. We were in the same choir group and we worked together for several years. He was my first crush indeed, but I never told him. I loved his voice too much and the was he spoke out things with a logic. I loved the way he walked, the color of his eyes and his thinking. But it wasn't going to work. So, I ignored my own feelings. But he always teased me for little things. He was rude to me at many moments. We fought for over a million times and finally got seperated for the sake of ego. He called me "miss attitude". We even left the choir. I don't know his reason, but mine was clear; I didn't wanted to see his face. Cause each time i saw him, my heart melted like a candle, but for us, it wasn't fair. It was like a GAME OVER!
After that, we saw each other sometimes, but never spoke to each other. And my attitude increased damn so much, I even started ignoring him. Whenever he came from front or passed by, I looked away or gave a dead expression. We were done even without a start.

An year passed away and i got depression due to some strange happenings going on with me. But now something more strange occured. Something, I never expected.
I was once washing my hands and face near the school basin, that rival boy came to me and said "sorry". I was spellbound. I asked the reason for doing such a tough job. He said, he felt guilty for all he did earlier. He said, "Just don't ignore me from now." I said, "It's fine.", and I walked away. I went home, thought for over an hour about the incident and felt butterflies in my head. I searched for his contact in my old dusted diaries and called him up. For the first time, we had peaceful kinda talk.

Soon after that, we started texting and leaded our conversation. He guessed my tone a little sad. We talked to me for over 3am's in the morning for three consecutive days and it winded up being "Besties". Strange right? RIVALS TURNED BESTIES FOREVER. He told me that he was impressed that how i forgot him at very once. I just said, "Forgiveness is a nice thing to do."
We used to talk a lot. We kept on doing it. And somehow, I started forgetting my old wounds. I was healing. My pain was ending. I shared my agony to him and he explained me few things. Let me show you too..

1) You were born alone. So stay strong being alone.
2) Never take tensions. You'll suffer twice.
3) If you feel hopeless, you focus for what you can die for.
4) Breathe oxygen.
5) Trust me forever and smile, cause I love it.

Today, we're really a perfect best friend combo. I no longer possess and love feelings for him like a crush, but i love him like a friend. He is my everything. I can never be thankful enough to enough to save me from crashing. I then leart my 'New Rules'-

1) Never tell your feelings of heart to someone.
2) Take break from the loneliness that consumes you.
3) Take risks but never regret.
4) Learn to let go. Let things flow and crash. Just keep want is meant for you.
5) Grow from things that destroy you.
6) Be in love with impossibilities.
7) If something costs you your peace, it's too expensive.
8) Remeber who you really are and change the games.
9) You're a queen, with or without anyone.
10) Most importantly, before anyone else does, you belong to your own damn very self!!!

Hope you get this babe...