Hi there,

So this is my first article and I decided on to do this challenge created by @TypicalGirl48 . From this challenge you can get to know me better i guess haha. Okay lets start it !

List 20 random facts about yourself :

1. I'm a part-time student (Accounting field)
2. Still living with my parents which mean that i'm not marry yet haha
3. I'm an introvert person
4. I'll make sure that i have my 'me' time even i'm too busy
5. I love korean drama because it looks real sometimes
6. I don't like green tea
7. I like to hangout alone when i'm too stressed
8. Really love BEACHHHHHH !!! But hot wheather burn my skin ughhh!
9. Love horror and action movie
10. I like Latte so much rather than chocolate ice
11. Not so prefer sweet foods
12. I really hate wearing heels because it hurts my ankle
13. Really love kids !!
14. I really love Demi Lovato's song so much
15. I like city light
16. I like to buy socks but i'm just wear it like two or three times only haha
17. Yeah I like be alone sometimes but not eating alone !
18. Sometimes I like to read novel. Depends on my mood
19. I really really love food asf haha
20. I love to laugh even I'm not in good mood because you need to have good vibes around you right ?

Seriously it so hard to think 20 fact about myself hahaha.
So see you later in Challenge Day.