1: idol with sunglasses

model, beautiful, and smile image

2: idol' selfie

model, cara delevingne, and boy image

3: idol eating

cara delevingne image

4: idol with messy hair

cara delevingne and model image

5: idol in red

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6: idol pre debut

model, cara delevingne, and girl image

7: idol shirtless

Image by Starry

8: idol singing

beautiful, beauty, and cara image

9: idol being sexy

Image by Starry

10: idol eating sweets

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11: idol at the airport

airport, beautiful, and beauty image

12: idol' airport fashion

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13: idol without makeup

girl and cara delevingne image

14: idol waving

car, girl, and girl car image

15: idol dancing

model, cara, and crazy image

16: idol laughing

actress, blonde, and film image

17: idol in black

beautiful, cool, and soccer image

18: idol at the photoshoot

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19: idol doing peace sign

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20: idol winking

cara delevingne, model, and hair image

21: idol at the car

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22: idol sleeping

cara delevingne, model, and caradelevingne image

23: idol' eyes

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24: idol at the radio show

fashion, girl, and OMG image

25: idol with friends

Taylor Swift, gigi hadid, and kendall jenner image

26: idol on the stage

1989, b&w, and black and white image

27: idol crying

cry and cara delevingne image

28: idol' cute face

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29: idol at the fashion show

pretty, Victoria's Secret, and cara delevingne image

30: idol with a child

cara delevingne, baby, and model image