The first time I saw you, I wasn’t really fazed
your bright white smile, and freshly groomed hair
You introduced yourself
We grew closer, and had a blast
You confessed your love for me that day, but I was taken, and uninterested.
Bestfriend made instead of a lover
We had the most fun
All smiles and happiness
My love for you grew into something more than I ever felt
It felt natural
Different relationships, time had passed
But your feelings never faded
You repressed them for my comfort and that broke me to discomfort
Day by day I saw you differently
I glanced at you in class, and can’t help but smile
I came by your locker and couldn’t contain my excitement
When I looked into your sparkling midnight eyes, I saw the man of my dreams
I never saw his face, but looking at you seemed just right
Leaving him and finding myself, brought me closer to you
We re approached the silencer conversation
Our feelings were mutual
I already knew that I loved you