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How are you today?

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There's something I've been thinking about, and I thought I'd have a deep talk with you today.

The question is: What makes you FEEL young?

Social media shows us different methods of using make-up to hide the imperfections. We are invaded by an enormous amount of perfect pictures, beautiful bodies, amazing tutorials. And we rush to follow the steps that are supposed to make us look forever young.

There's nothing wrong with that. I believe we should take good care of your bodies and we should treat ourselves with frequent pampering sessions. And yet, I think there's more to feeling young than that.

The thoughts we collect, the kindness we show, all those crazy, spontaneous decisions that make us feel alive. It's about the passions we have and the dreams we follow and all those sleepless nights when we think about who we truly are.

So I made a list. It's right here, if you want to have a look. 💙

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