Many times we see ourselves in the situation that we have the most slaying outfit, but our mind suddenly it goes blank when it's makeup time. So. I'm giving you some ideas and guides of makeup depending of the occasion, so you can choose the one that appeals more to your situation.

Natural Makeup

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Let's begin with the basic one, for casual and quick looks. Warm or nude tones are the right ones to look pretty. Remember this kind of makeup is about accentuate your features. My suggestion: Light base, gold eye shadow, some mascara (use one that makes your lashes look large and full), some bronzer (if you want), highlight and your favorite nude lipstick or lip tint.

Night out

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This one takes a little bit more time than other ones. But it give you the chance to experiment with colors that may seem a little bit too much for the day. Colors like blue, purple, burgundy... Even neon or bright colors draws the attention. Don't be afraid to experiment with different techniques and stick to the things you like and makes you look stunning.


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This one depends A LOT of what you are wearing. First thing first: you gotta prepare your skin very well so the makeup stick your skin the whole night. Makeup artist highly recommend a full coverage foundation, so in the pictures your skin looks perfect. Contour your face so gives it dimension and a more structured shape (remember wear a contour according to your face shape). I love highlight so use a blinding one, but if it’s too much for you can use a more natural one. Brows are also very important do what you need to have them in a cute shape (brows are an important part of our face because gives shape to our eyes and face). For the eyes; as I said, depends a lot of what you are wearing, you can match the color of your dress or use colors that combines with it. Is valid a more simple makeup if you don’t want a super heavy eyes. Last but not least lipstick, as I said depends of what you are wearing and how you did your eyes. Remember if your eye shadow is heavy wear a lighter color in your lips and vice versa, or you can keep it very natural or do a full Instagram makeup.

Music Festival

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This one is one of my favorites. You can exploit your imagination putting bassically whatever you want in your little pretty face. Pearls, diamond, glitter, draw a pattern, etc. Is all about how extravagant your want to look. There's a lot of ideas around the internet kids. Maybe is not a very daily makeup but, who cares?! Makeup has no rules and that's should not stop you from wear it if you want. Have fun and enjoy it. If you would like me to do an article about music festivals talking about tips, outfits, makeup, etc. leave a reaction ❤

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