» Jimin's real name: Park Ji-min
» Hangul: 지민
» Birthday: October 13, 1995.
» Birthplace: Busan, South Korea.
» Zodiac Sign: Libra.
» Height: 175 cm (5"9).
» Blood Type: A.
» Chinese Zodiac: Pig.
» Positions: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer.
» Nicknames: ChimChim, Jiminie, Park Jiminie, Dolly.

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1. His favorite number is 3.

2. His favorite colors are light blue and black.

3. He is the 3rd youngest of the band.

4. He has a younger brother, his name is Park Hyunnie.

5. His BT21 character is a puppy named Chimmy. He wears a yellow hooded jumper and black sunglasses. His tongue is always sticking out as well.

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6. Jimin has a lot of knowledge about skin care.

7. Jimin's ideal type is a nice and cute girl, must be smaller than him.

8. If he got a super power, he wants to talk with dog and animals.

9. Jimin favourite food is meat (pork, beef, duck, chicken), fruits, stew kimchi jjigae.

10. His motto is: ''Let’s become cool or handsome. Want to become a cool person outside and inside.'' ''Let’s keep trying till we can’t do it any more.''

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11. He and Jungkook made a cover of We Don't Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez.

12. He speaks Korean, Japanese, and basic English.

13. Jimin generally solves his problem himself. If he can’t solve it, he will share with V.

14. Comic books influenced Jimin a lot.

15. He is always teased by Jungkook due to his height.

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16. He laughs a lot and curls forward when he is laughing too hard.

17. Jimin liked all subjects but he especially liked art, PE, math, and chemistry.

18. Schools attended:
18.1 Heodang Elementary
18.2 Yoonsan Middle
18.3 Busan High School of Arts
18.4 Korea Arts High School
18.5 Global Cyber University

19. Things he wants to steal from other members are Rap Monster’s height, V’s talent and gaze, J-Hope’s cleanliness, Suga’s diverse knowledge.

20. His favourite item is new era (snapbacks).

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21. Jimin said that he would like to share the stage with BIGBANG's Taeyang someday.

22. Jimin and V were classmates in High School.

23. For Jimin, Bangtan is another family that allowed him to reach his longtime dream.

24. For Jimin, his charms aren’t actually his charm, but his eyes is charm.

25. Jimin Favorite Song in 2nd mini album Skool Luv Affair is 상남자 (Boy In Luv)

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26. He thinks most people like Iron Man, so his favorite from the Avengers is Hulk.

27. If the weather is sunny and cool he likes wearing earphones while listening to music that gives a good feeling.

28. Jimin is a fanboy of Bigbang especially Taeyang.

29. Happiness for Jimin is achieving the goals he had set previously one by one.

30. He has 5 piercings.

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