~If you know me you know that I love Lana Del Rey. She is my depressing, aesthetically pleasing, white mother! She is one of my idols! And in honor of her wrapping up her American tour and me NOT being able to go to her concert, I decided to make a list of my top 15 songs by her. She has 5 studio albums, so I will pick 3 songs from each album. Enjoy!

Born to Die

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This album is my love! My child! I will listen to this album anytime I am having any time I am in a mood (which is all the time). BTD got me into LDR way back when and hasnโ€™t failed me yet!
  • Born to Die

Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough. I donโ€™t know why. Keep making me laugh
Let's go get high. The road is long, we carry on.
Try to have fun in the meantime

  • National Anthem

Money is the anthem, of success, so before we go out...What's your address?

  • Off to the Races

He doesn't mind I have a L.A crass way about me
He loves me with every beat of his cocaine heart


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My family hates this album because I always try to hit the high-note in Ride...enough said.
  • Ride

I hear the birds on the summer breeze,
I drive fast, I am alone in midnight
Been tryin' hard not to get into trouble,
But I, I've got a war in my mind

  • Cola

My pussy taste like Pepsi-Cola,
My eyes are wide like cherry pies.

  • American

You make me crazy, you make me wild
Just like a baby, spin me 'round like a child
Your skin so golden brown
Be young, be dope, be proud
Like an American


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I C O N I C. This is one of her darkest albums and I live for it!
  • Ultraviolence

I can hear violins, violins
Give me all of that ultraviolence

  • Brooklyn Baby

Yeah my boyfriend's pretty cool
But he's not as cool as me
Cause I'm a Brooklyn baby

  • Shades of Cool

And when he calls
He calls for me and not for you
He prays for love, he prays for peace
And maybe someone new


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I remember this album dropped when I was in first period Junior year HS. Needless to say, I ignored my environmental science class COMPLETELY.
  • Music To Watch Boys To

Velveteen and living single
It never felt that right to me
I know what only the girls know
Lies can buy eternity

  • Salvatore

Catch me if you can, working on my tan, Salvatore
Dying by the hand of a foreign man happily
Calling out my name in the summer rain, ciao amore
Salvatore can wait
Now it's time to eat soft ice cream

  • God Knows I Tried

Sometimes I wake up in the morning
To red, blue, and yellow skies
It's so crazy I could drink it like tequila sunrise

Lust for Life

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I have played this album to death! Especially these 3...I SHOULD'VE BEEN AT THAT CONCERT! No tea. No shade. JUST FACTS! ;)
  • Cherry

I fall to pieces when I'm with you, I fall to pieces
My cherries and wine, rosemary and thyme

  • In My Feelings

Get that cigarette smoke out of my face
You've been wasting my time while you're taking what's mine
With the things that you're doing

  • Groupie Love

You want my
Groupie love

Anyway, so that's it y'all! What's your favorite LDR song? Check out my other platforms below! Be Young.Be Dope. Be Proud. ๐Ÿ˜˜

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