a smile a day keeps the... doctor away?

1. Music

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this might sound weird but the only time i actually listen to music is in the evening and night, idk i just can't in the morning and afternoon

2. Rain

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especially when i'm indoors and i'm trying to study or sleep

3. Night time

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night time is the best time don't even @ me on this ;) i find it to be so peaceful, when i'm the most free. i'm also the most awake during this time too

y'all i literally love the night sm you know i had to make a collection for it lol ;) follow it if ya want ♡

5. Compliments

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honestly! i try to give at least one everyday

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although... this is also me haha

6. Watching tv and movies

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i think i'm in love with netflix lol

if you want i'll make another article with all the shows i recommend :)

7. hanging out with my friends

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nothing better than this... until they take a picture of you off guard and refuse to delete it

8. reading quotes and other inspiring things

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pretty self explanatory

9. laughing out loud

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isn't it amazing that you can just release everything and express so much happiness at once like wow

10. YOU!

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thank you so much for reading all of this! and even for just clicking on this article :) it means more to me than i can write in words. really. know that you are loved, even though we don't know each other.

- leillana @raediant
be you, be true, be radiant
(thanks for reading my article again loves)