I have been thinking about my recent articles and I love helping people but I also felt like those articles were rushed, so I decided instead of posting a tips or how to article today I would let you all get to know me and spend more time producing a quality article for you for tomorrow! so lets get started!

Image by kait

- my name is kaitlyn but my family calls me kait
- im 15 years old and my birthday is January 30th!
- my current relationship status is single and not looking, im focusing on my mental health right now.
- theres actually no real meaning behind my name, I just saw a shirt that said honey and had it stuck in my head so that's how I got my user.
- my favorite band is either 5SOS or the 1975
- some of my favorite artists are Ariana Grande, Khalid, Halsey, Billie Eilish, Willow Smith and many more.
- my natural hair color is strawberry blonde, but I have it dyed light gray with blue undertones right now.
- im shy when you first meet me, but I warm up to people eventually, it just takes time.
- I have suffered from anxiety and depression for 3 years and I am still on my path of recovery.
- I go to an art school, I am a visual artist, mainly specializing in photography.
- I actually don't have any plans for the future
- my favorite school subject is English
- I used to only eat white chocolate kit kats, I wouldn't eat any other candy.
- ive never been out of the country
I want to move to Portland, Oregon eventually
- I loving trying new foods and im pretty much open to most things.
- I am a bisexual female and an activist. I have always strived towards being a part of equality.
- I love the color yellow, its my favorite, but all other colors are equally pretty to me.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! its kinda boring but I want to make my upcoming article a good quality one! much love, kait