As a first year college student, lots of homework and little time to do it is basically my entire life right now. I am currently enrolled in eight different classes this semester and with the end of the year coming closer the amount of work has increased along with the stress, lack of sleep and overall feeling of dread that every college student is familiar with. But all this has had me thinking, does school really have to be like this? Why does my education have to be so overwhelming? I want to enjoy learning. I know I am capable of understanding and doing well in all of my classes yet with the sheer amount of classes and work per class I have, makes me truly believe it is impossible for me to achieve my best potential in any of my courses. Instead of my goal being to ace my classes and gain a deeper understanding of each subject, my goal is to simply pass and get through this year. But for what? So I can come back next year with a vague knowledge of what I did the year before and then just to do it all over again? Each student is intelligent and each have the potential become accomplished at what they are studying, but how will that ever happen if we are too run down to retain any of the information we have paid (a lot of money) to learn? Not to mention the stress and anxiety that this amount of work creates can and does negatively impact an individuals mental health. Most of my friends, including myself, dealt with awful anxiety and depression because school. But more than that, the expectation for anyone to actually learn anything with over five classes at a time is ridiculous to me. We are not robots. We will never be robots. Everyone learns differently and the way colleges/universities and even high schools are set up is not compatible with the way humans pick up and retain information.
I wish I knew a perfect solution for this but I don't. But with the amount youth choosing to not even enroll in higher education after high school and the general morale of the students around me is a clear sign to me that something is not working. we deserve to succeed and have the chance to gain more than self doubt from their education. So when I receive my mark for an essay I had no time to write and didn't have the chance to understand the content of in the first place I will not think I failed by education I will think my education failed me.