Hi guys! I'm about to share my journey about treating kittens and cats in our home. To be honest, I'm NOT a Veterinarian neither taking any med courses. But I dream of becoming a veterinarian when I was little.

I adopted a stray cat 2 years a go. I named her, Ruru. She's a kitten that time and it's my first time to adopt an animal in our home. I remembered crying one time because I thought I lost her but ends up seeing her sleeping under my bed. I was calling her so many times and still no responds I began to panic. Haha!

Ruru had a trauma when my father accidentally throw her out of our house because of his drunk state. I was a bit angry at my father that time because Ruru is an indoor cat and she's not that fond of vehicles.
So it's 1 in the morning and I immediately run to where she is. I saw fear in her eyes that night. Holding an umbrella, I manage to get her away from the plants she's hiding to.

Basically, Ruru is not your ordinary sweet cat. She's a bit aggressive to people who she don't know. She likes feet though. Always grabbing my other foot when I passed by our dining table.

Then time comes when your pet get sick. I saw that she's not eating nor drinking. She's always under my bed sleeping and she's not that active anymore when it comes to our daily activities. I'm so worried thinking what might happen to my cat. I cannot go to the nearest vet because I'm a student back then and I'm facing financial difficulties lol. So I tried on searching on the web for some helpful tips. Unfortunately, there's no other way but going to the vet. I become hopeless! And then my aunt talked to me. She said that it's good to give Ruru some water with sugar poured in it and use a syringe or a dropper. I immediately followed it. Everyday I kept my eyes on her and never gave up just to make her feel better. Days passed, Ruru started eating and being lively again. I'm so happy seeing her back! Thanks to my aunt.

My grandma has a lot of cats so maybe I inherited her love for cats. Haha! She has an adopted momma cat who gave birth many times ending dying one by one for having a serious illness. Luckily, on the i-don't-know-how-many-batch, 3 of her babies survived. They are all so cute and I saw them grow. But one day, the other cat who I called, Leon, had been hit by a vehicle. The suspect doesn't even care! I run at Leon and I've got an idea that he has a broken bone. I began to treat him by myself in our home. Sadly, Leon didn't make it. I cried and blame myself for not doing my best to save him.