Hey wonderful people reading this, this is my very first article so I thought why not get to know a little bit about me. Sorry if it gets bad or long during the whole thing, just stick with me because I'm still new with this. :)

1. Name
First thing you probably should know is my name. My name is Melanie but you can call me Mel or any other creative name you come up with.

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2. Books
I love fantasy, horror, and realistic fiction books. These are my favorite genres because the creativity is endless and its fun getting to read something unique/different every once in a while.

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3. Music
I like music that relates to my life or current events in my life and a lot of pop/upbeat songs as well. I also play the viola (I'm not that good, I've only taken it for 2 years), so I kind of listen to orchestral as well to help me understand some of the notes being played and to relax.

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4. Poetry
I love poetry so much because the writer almost always talks the truth about being human and what we don't seem to ever care about. Things like love, parents, friendships, etc.

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5. Color

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I love the color turquoise just because it reminds me of the beach, (which I love because of the sight and sound) it's also very tropical and calming/pretty.

6. Sports
Now I'm not one to be serious about sports or anything athletic, I guess but I have to say that I do enjoy playing some sports. For example, I like to play/practice volleyball with my friends. I also like gymnastics but I can't do a cartwheel even if my life depended on it. I enjoy running as well but not when I have to run on and off for a class.

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7. Taking Care of Myself
Now by this last fact, what I mean by taking care of myself is skin care and hair care. I'm usually very serious about my face since I have acne and I'm trying to improve that, but sometimes I get too tired and forget about it. I also want to grow out my hair so I've started using products for my hair as well to repair it along with growth.

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So hopefully you guys managed to read all of this without getting bored and get to know some more fun facts about me. If you liked this article leave a heart and reaction and feel free to message me to give me some recommendations of what I should do for my next article, which might come out later (I don't know what to do or when to do it). Until the next article, love you guys! - Mel