I have a soft heart for cats and many of you as well. But unfortunately, not everyone is kind to cats.
There's a lot of cruelty happens everyday. And FYI no matter what kind or breed the cats are, still they're all the same. So why other people treat stray cats as pests? :(

Here in my country, The Philippines, many people abused cats. Not only cats but other animals too. I am truly disappointed of people who harm things that God created.
I get it that other cats are being a not-so-good-sometimes or etc but to abused or kill them is out of our bounds.

One type pf cruelty to cats is NEGLECT. Some owners were like this. Cats that do not have enough food to eat and becomes thin each days passed.

Children or Adult that has emotional problems may abuse animals.

Black Cats are likely at a higher risk of being abused than other cats. Black cats do not bring bad luck people!!!

There's a superstition going on in our family that who dares to kill or abuse cats or other animals will have a bad luck. Haha! I don't know but I think it's true though.

Please protect cats and other animals as well.