united states

〉seattle, washington

buildings, city, and seattle image city, beautiful, and sunset image city, seattle, and usa image Temporarily removed
ever since I started watching grey's anatomy, I've wanted to visit the city.

〉los angeles, california

palm trees, sky, and street image los angeles image los angeles image california, city, and downtown image
just an overall amazing city

〉san francisco, california

california, golden gate, and life image city, night, and photography image Temporarily removed ladies, san francisco, and travel image
emma chamberlain makes me wanna go and get a coffee from phillz

〉beverly hills, california

Temporarily removed Beverly Hills, california, and hotel image car, retro, and vintage image pink, car, and vintage image
so many 80's vibes and I love it

〉malibu, california

Temporarily removed beach, cali, and california image aesthetic, beach, and blue image beach, malibu, and house image
beach man, what can I say??

〉eugene, oregon

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seems like a very homey city

〉las vegas, nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada, and travel image adventure, Las Vegas, and Nevada image orange and Las Vegas image Image removed
what happens in vegas, stays in vegas...

〉chicago, illinois

chicago, landscape, and travel image chicago, winter, and snow image Temporarily removed city and usa image
I just really want to visit the city, it seems so nice

〉new york, new york

Temporarily removed aesthetic, buildings, and manhattan image Temporarily removed city, new york, and wallpaper image
I already went once, but I badly want to go back with friends and just have the time of my life

〉pheonix, arizona

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I personally do not like heat, but I've heard that arizona has the best sunsets

〉pittsburgh, pennsylvania

blue, building, and city image downtown and pittsburgh image best friends, bffs, and city image pittsburgh, pa, and pitt pa image
to be completely honest, I wanna see the og aldc building

〉philadelphia, pennsylvania

aesthetic, art, and artsy image philadelphia real estate image Temporarily removed city, city life, and fashion image
I was supposed to go in 2015 with school but they canceled the trip, so I really want to

〉washington, dc

Image removed patriotic, Washington DC, and water image Temporarily removed adventure, DC, and Dream image
like new york, I already went once, but I want to go back since I didn't get to see much during the school trip because of the time crunch

〉boston, massachusetts

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my brother went and he really liked the experience, so I want to go

〉miami, florida

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the waves, the palm trees, you know...

〉new orleans, louisiana

beauty, light, and new orleans image 2016, buildings, and cars image aesthetic, hailey, and new orleans image Image removed
ever since are you the one's most recent season, I want to visit so bad