I'll be sharing this helpful tips to you guys that I personally been doing when my mind started to cloud with negative thoughts. Also the following tips are not mine. I've screenshot this from @onlinecounsellingcollege <3 I hope this helps!

#1 Try to understand where it came from. Why do you demand so much of yourself? Do you have tendencies towards perfection or self-hatred? If so, where do this come from?

#2 Practice self-compassion. Everyone deserves to be loved and understood, to be allowed to make mistakes, and to take the time to grow. Give that to yourself. DON'T ATTACK AND HURT YOURSELF.

#3 Deliberately focus on positive self-talk. Being negative, impatient, critical, and overbearing becomes so automatic that we don't realize it's a habit. So, interrupt that habit and be kind and positive.

#4 Decide not to compare yourself to others. We tend to judge ourselves by the people who excel, or have an easier life, or who face new obstacles. It's not a level playing field so don't compare yourself. Remember you ARE changing, and you have a lot to give.

#5 Make a note of compliments and nice things people say - then pull it out and read it when you start to feel you've failed. Remind yourself that others see your value and worth. And others see the good in you. and want you to succeed.

No matter what life brings, know that each time you wake up, you have another chance to make things better. :) Thank you for reading! Have a nice day!