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I always try to live a positive lifestyle but it is still completely fine to have bad days.
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1} Art: Try doing a bit of painting, drawing or anything , I like to paint I think the messier the better, I find it very therapeutic and you don't even have to be good at it.
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2} Sleep: I think if your mood is low have a nap and you will wake up feeling better. But make sure not to do it all day or stay in bed all day if you cant nap then get out of bed and try something else.
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3} Nature: Swimming, hiking, or anything outdoors, you will feel very refreshed after.
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4} Yoga: Even if I'm feeling like crap before it, after doing yoga I'm always in such a good mood. Yoga is very relaxing in my head I think yoga can fix anything.
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5} Animals: I really think everyone should have a dog because they are the best to cry to and are always there for a cuddle.
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6} Family or Friends: talk to them, personally talking about my mood isn't best for me but just being around them like watching a movie or anything can be really helpful.
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7} Read: Reading a book is you time and everybody needs that.
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8} Swimming: Swimming or water sports is something that has never left me in a bad mood.
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9} Exercise: Find a sport that you love I really think that there is at least one sport for everyone, for me I like to try them all even if I'm not good at them, but i enjoy it.

Remember its okay to not be okay, but never give up

I have lots of more ideas that help so message me if I should do a part 2

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