First of all I would like to thank @iris_carrero for inspiring this article! Your question really got me thinking, and I hope these words of experience can help some writers out there struggling.

The Dreaded Writer's Block

What is it? you may ask.

If you have never experienced writer's block, count yourself lucky. It's draining, oppressive, and overall sucks. For me personally, it has always come at the most inconvenient times. I have ideas and plans and visions and goals. "I'm going to write all winter break!" I have said, only to get to my time off and have no motivation or creativity to speak of. (And of course, I have all my grand ideas and spurs of creativity to write when I have absolutely no time to give!) I am right there with you all who are suffering... But I'm here to tell you, all is not lost!

Self Diagnosing

I know this is dangerous, but it's okay to admit you have a block in this scenario. There's no such thing as a perfect writer. We all struggle at times. (And anyone who says they never struggle, just give it time...) Often times the first step is to come to terms with your problem. Here are some of the signs of writer's block:

  • Lack of motivation to write
  • Lack of creativity/ideas
  • Inability to complete something you were once passionate about
  • Experiencing stressful feelings whenever you try to write
  • Your brother stole your journal of ideas and your memory is crap so you can't remember what you wanted to write about and it's driving you crazy and you don't want to start something new (a rare one)

Almost anything could be causing a block. It could be personal or health related. Or maybe there is absolutely no reason at all. That happens more often than not. But if you can diagnose the problem, then you may be able to help it.

Some Tips for Overcoming!

I promise I won't give the cliche "Never give up!"

  • Don't get stuck on one thing. Maybe you feel like you have to finish the one and only piece you've been pushing through. From personal experience, I have found that pushing something through before it's ready never produces a satisfying result. This leads me to my next point.
  • Give it time and space! Take a step back, work on something else, maybe discuss it with someone.
  • Collaborate. Find a reader/writer friend and brainstorm. Get a fresh perspective and rejuvenate your creativity. (Maybe you don't have many of these people available to read your work... Message me if you would like an article with ways to get in touch with writers/readers!)
  • Read. Sometimes we just need to refuel and gain inspiration from other authors.
  • Play a roleplaying game. Whether that be a board game, a video game, or an interactive book, just do something that gets you involved in the creating process!
  • Do something artistic. This may be a surprise to some, but writers are artists! Maybe we chose writing because we failed art class (...I'm not admitting anything...), but that doesn't mean we can't be artsy. We're all on weheartit for pete sake... Of course we're artsy. Get that artistic muscle in shape by painting, drawing, crafting, aesthetic making, or anything else your artistic heart desires.
  • Get grounded again. What makes you you? Get back to that! I find if I get caught up in school work, sometimes I need to go for a walk in the woods with my dog to get my head in the right space again.
  • Write. Maybe you need to start something new. Maybe you need to just write a letter to someone. Don't stop. Even if you aren't getting it all down in words, at least keep on creating in your head.

I hope this helps! Hang in there, and just know that no block can last forever.

If anyone has comments, suggestions, or other, please feel free to message me! As much as I love writing to inspire, I mostly love interacting with all the amazing people who happen to read my words. You all have names, you all have stories, and I am honored that you took the time to read this.