Hello everyone,
Recently I had been seeing the 'This or That' challenge, and thought that it would be the perfect topic for my first article. Here are a few articles that also did the challenge.

Dyed Hair or Natural Colour

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dyed hair. i recently bleached my hair blonde, and honestly i am never going back to my natural hair colour.

Dress or Blouse

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blouse. they're more convenient than dresses, every girl knows this. blouses also create a classic and chic look to the outfit. you wear blouses in different ways, mixing them with different accessories. you can also pair them with different style of jeans, skirts or shorts and shoes. as silly as it sounds with blouses i feel more confident, and more powerful than in a dress where i feel conscious about it all the time.

Bikini or Whole Piece

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bikini. one pieces are the trend right now. but for me personally, i find two pieced bathing suits are for me. it's the one time i could expose my stomach without feeling the need to cover up.

Western or Asian cuisine

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asian cuisine definitely. i love western food but growing up surrounded by asian food, it just suits not only my taste buds better but also i find it more filling than some western food. plus i'm always looking for rice or noodles.

Roses or Sunflowers

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roses. maybe it was my love for 'Beauty and the Beast' but through out the years my love for roses have grown. i find them, especially red roses, beautiful and simply elegant. they each hold different meanings to them, which is one thing i love about flowers in general. it is also the icon of romance, and me being the huge romantic also makes me love it more.

Make up or Bare face

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make up. there is nothing wrong with liking make up, nor does wanting to go bare face. i for one do not have the skin to go bare face, but i do try to when wearing up would be inconvenient. make up is art and it gives beautiful results, where it can give people confidence but also express who they are as a person.

Sunshine or Rain

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rain. it is beautiful and peaceful. for one thing, the rain doesn't make me sweat by just walking for a minute outside. also it creates the perfect excuse to go down to your favourite coffee shop, and have something warm. i love the sunshine as well though.

City or Countryside

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city. always been and always will be a city girl.