Just a little collection of songs to listen to on chill grey/rainy days. Enjoy

Mind Tricks↠Jeannel

Islands↠Young The Giant

Honey and Milk↠Andrew Belle

Autumn Leaves↠Ed Sheeran

Worth Fighting For↠Emily Hearn

Come Clean↠Hilary Duff

Middle Of The Bed↠Lucy Rose

1904↠Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Let go↠Shaimus

Sailing↠Christopher Cross

Blood↠The Middle East

Caves(Samuraii Remix)↠Haux

Ocean Eyes(Astronomyy Remix)↠Billie Eilish

Melt II↠Yuuca


Collision↠Hayden Calnin

Two High↠Moon Taxi

Violent↠Daniel Caesar

Dreams(2AM)↠Kye Kye