Hey guys!I'm doing the ABC Tag so that you can all know a little bit more about me. Hope you enjoy it! :)

A - age:

I'm 16, turning 17 on July 7

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B - best movie/serie:

My all time favourite movie is White Chicks. I can watch it over and over again and still cry from laughter!! It's definitely a must watch! When it come's to series I really don't have a favourite one but if I had to watch one all over again it would be Full House or Gilmore Girls.

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C - country:

I'm from Portugal.

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This is in the Algarve, where I am from.

D - drink you last had:

Orange juice

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E - every day starts with:

As embarrassing as it is, the first thing that I do is check my phone and then I'll have breakfast

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F - favourite song:

I can't decide between Teenage Fever from Drake and Helium from Sia, those are my favourite

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H - height:

I'm 1.64cm/5'5"ft, which is a regular size I think ahah

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the fact that I actually found a image with my height amuses me

I - in love with:

Hayes Grier (all time crush, not gonna lie), Matthew Daddario, playing guitar and fashion

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go check out my fashion collections :)

J - jealous of:

people who know how to write (i mean in an artistic way), to sing, to surf and jealous of Scarlett Leithold because damn that girl is beautiful!!

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K - killed someone:

Is that even a question? I mean, of course lol

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L - last time you cried:

I don't remember, I don't really cry that much but probably on the last episode of Full House.

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M - middle name:

My middle name is Rodrigues. I have four names so I'm not sure if that's my middle one lmao. It's original from Portugal and means "The son of Rodrigo"

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N - favourite number:

My favorite number is 7 because I was born on 07/07

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O - one wish:

To travel the world (especially to London and Bora Bora)

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P - person you last texted:

My brother

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Q - quote that you love:

"Success is falling nine times and getting up ten."
— Jon Bon Jovi
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R - reasons to be happy:

family, music, food and tv shows

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ohana means family

S - song you last sang:

"FRIENDS" by Marshmello & Anne-Marie

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T - time you woke up:

at 9 am because I went to the beach

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U - underwear color:


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V - vacation place:

Besides London and Bora Bora (that I have already said), I want to visit Copenhagen, Rome, Santorini and New York

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W - worst habit:

I blink my eyes more than normal people do and I'm always playing with my fingers or tapping on something

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X - your last x-ray:

Maybe one year ago to my neck because I had a problem on my throat that was affecting my vocals cords

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Y - your favourite food:

I love chicken soup, pasta with anything and everything, salads and lasagna

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Z - zodiac sign:


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i put a crab because in Portugal we don't say Cancer, we say 'caranguejo' which means 'crab'

Hope you liked this article as much as I loved writting it!
Xoxo ❤