What do you think of writing a letter to yourself and choosing when you want to receive it? I came here to indicate this site, I know that many already know and others have not yet. >Future me< (link here: https://www.futureme.org/letters/new ) is a site where you can write a letter for yourself in the future, and still choose when you want to receive it (you receive the letter by email). The most incredible thing about this site is not only being able to write a letter for yourself and in the future to see how much you have evolved and how things have changed in your life, but you can also read other people's letters on the website mural (you can choose from time to write if you want your letter to appear to the public, anonymously, etc.). You can draw inspiration from the stories of millions of people around the world, I have read sad, happy letters, about love, of anger, about growing up and mature, about the first love. Anyway, it is inspiring and something that in the future you see the difference. Hope u guys like it