Hello beauties, it has been a while sorry for this long absence I been trying something new, if you've already read my articles i mentioned that i had bad days, so i tried some new routine for a month to get off the negativity and anger and i'm glad to share it with y'all,

Why 21 days ?

Because that all it takes to develop a habit according to the scientists, i know its hard to engage to a certain routine especially when being through depression, but take it as a challenge and tell yourself this will be over, and always fake positive feelings (By the way try to pretend to be happy eventually you'll forget that you were pretending..)

The program

It's not about a strict schedule because it varies from each to another so just do it as it suits you :)

A Positive Mind is The Clue

That's the important you ain't going no where if you didn't make inner peace, change your music playlist with some good motivating music, and always give yourself that peep talk in front of the mirror.

Getting a Good night’s Sleep

Sleep is a vital indicator of overall health and well-being. We spend up to one-third of our lives asleep, Take about 7 to 9 hours of sleeping, and always go to bed before midnight and wake up at 6a.m ; Then you can have a 45mnt nape after lunch.

Body Positive

Accept your body as the ways it is, every type of body has a positive side and a negative one, a fans and haters, so just embrace it, & get influenced by your celebrity body match and watch how s/he rock it !

Start doing Yoga, that's real important, doing morning and afternoon if you get stressed or tired, it takes all the negative energy stocked inside you; do simple exercises,I learnt that yoga isn't just about stretching n touching your toes neither doing those crazy saiyans poses lmao but its about accepting the pain and learning how to breath in the hardest times, that pain got me outta my head and i needed that, dealing with a physical pain might distract you of the emotional one, don't push yourself and its okay to fail i laughed each time i fell down, its real healthy :)

Try to do full body exercises, and if you can engage to a certain sport you like that would be even better, also dancing is great way let off, and if you're dealing with anger problems i'd recommend u of boxing,

Healthy food = Healthy body

Of course !! its not about a strict diet program don't worry, just try to eat healthier you have many choices, take a fulfilling lunch and a legit dinner, eat at least one apple a day, and drink 8 to 12 cups of detox water a day, reduce coffee and drink green tea instead,

Time To Spoil yourself!!

Take a real good care of you; oil your hair, body/face scrubs, masks, hair treatments, and do some shopping & don't forget to do whatever you like after a nape, read a book, watch movies, paint, dance, i don't whatever makes you feel good & don't stick too long in social medias.


  • Waking up early
  • Doing at least 30 minutes yoga
  • Meditating for 3 minutes.
  • Reading for 20 minutes.
  • Drinking detox & green tea, reducing coffee
  • Take a healthy fulfilling lunch and a legit dinner, eat fruits at least one apple a day
  • Don't lock yourself inside for more then two days & contact someone
  • Oil your hair and try face scrubs and selfcare treatment
  • Listen to good music
  • Avoid negativity as much as possible
  • Do whatever makes you happy draw, dance, watch movies, read more.. anything
  • Avoid ! Social medias, it's devastating..
  • Going to bed before midnight

This program will revive you, reduce your stress and anger, after a month my anger attacks faded and I became more lively although i used to sleep all day long, all it costs some determination and lot of patient n faith :)

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