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My school bag

⑴ Textbooks ✍

Usually I keep my textbooks in folders.

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⑵ Noteboooks ✍

One for each subject.

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⑶ Study Planner ✍

For comming exams and projects.

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⑷ Pencil case ✏

I keep there my pencils, pens, highlighters, rulers, ruber and things like this.

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⑸ Notebooks for my writings ✍

Cute,small notebooks for my thoughts, poetry, poems, stories which I make in school.

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⑹ Glasses ❁

I need glasses for reading and while I use computer.

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⑺ Pills ⚠

Often I have stomachache or headache so pills are needed.

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⑻ Pads ⚠

Girls should always have one in every bag for fast reaction.

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⑼ Headphones ♫

Music on, World off.

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⑽ Purse ✯

Usually I keep it outside but sometimes I just keep it in my bag.

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⑾ Water

Water is needed.

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