I've had tasted a lot of different aliments, especially fruit and vegetables, when I was on a diet, and I can tell you surely that this list is the best (at least for me, it can always depend on the body you have, or health issues ect...)
I want to precise something, the list here does not contain the only things you have to eat each day. What I mean is that it is very good to add them among the things you eat. A diet does not mean that you have to starve yourself. Eat healthily. I eat normally, even a lot sometimes like two pizzas at once (I'm really not kidding) but still, I eat healthily most of the time and do sport.

1. Apples

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They are full of fibers and can really stabalize the level of the sugar within your blood.
If you want a flat stomach, juste eat some.
Avoid drinking apple juice because there is too much sugar in it.

Advice : what I did was to eat one 30min before each meals because it contributes to your digestion. And don't eat them after 4p.m.

2. Berries

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They are excellent for glycaemia, or blood sugar if you prefer. Rich of fibers, prefer them fresh or frozen.
Avoid drinking berry juice because of the high level of industrial sugar in.

Advice : eat them for breakfast, it is the best way to assimilate their natural sugar beneficial for the body.

3. Cinnamon

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Cinnamon is good for glycaemia. It helps to reduce it to a good level. It will stimulate cells, and gives energy. (Plus, it is delicious!!)
Make tea with cinnamon sticks. Or use cinnamon powder on patisserie (like apple pie for exemple).

Advice : don't abuse of it, because as any natural product, it has toxins, not dangerous only if you don't abuse.

4. Eggs

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They are high-protein and can replace meat (this one not good during a diet).

Advice : one a day is enough, two maximum. Eat them during breakfast or lunch. Avoid eating one for dinner because of the protein it contains.

5. Nuts

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Walnut, almond ect... they are really good if you feel a little hungry during the day, juste eat some it will help you, plus it is good for the body because they are high-protein, plus contains fibers and reduce glycaemia.

Advice : they are calorifics, so, no more than 2 tablespoon!

6. Oil

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Use coconut oil (especially if you cook something sugary, sweet like pancakes... ), olive oil (for cooking or just a salad, it is perfect) or castor oil (which is one of the best! especially for a diet)

Advice : don't abuse of them ; avoid eating them for dinner

7. Soup

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I wanted to include it because I said for almost everything before that you have to avoid eating them for dinner because your body would stock everything they contain and it's a shame, on a diet or not.
Soup is perfect for dinner, like really perfect, eat a boil or two (especially after you had a rough day, or after you exercize!)

Even if you are not on a diet, just know that you can eat them or use them dishes because they are exellent for your health!
Try to avoid using to much salt, and don't eat too much sugar!

And one last thing really important, if you read this and want to loose weight, don't stop eating! Never do that, it's stupid and a lot of bad things can happen to your body and it would damage your health.
AND remember that you have to offer yourself some "bad food" like pizza, or hamburgers, or pies ect sometimes... if you deprive yourself of these things you like to eat, one day you will give in, and you will eat to much at once and will regret it, so DON'T HURT yourself please! And never starve yourself!

Remember that you are beautiful no matter how you look! And that even if I don't know you I wish you the best!

Bye bye!