Every now and then they come back
Knocking at your door, demanding to enter to your mind
You try to lock the door, get yourself safe
Run, hide, make them think that you're not there
Eventually they will find a way to get in
Drag you down, tear you apart
Ruin everything you have done for yourself so far
Making you scream, making you scared, making you doubt
If you'll ever be okay again, if you even have one more chance
Some people don't get it, why don't you go and get help?
Why don't you send them away?
It's not that simple you say, they are already a part of my head
And they just decide to speak, once in a while
Or they decide to never shut up and haunt you everyday
Making yourself your biggest threat
The biggest battle you'll have to face, the war that goes on inside your head.

- c.r