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it's Meshty again and today I'm gonna do the 50 questions. I've seen this post on instagram so many times and I wanted to post it here. But! Since here on WeHeartIt you can't write any comments, I decided to do it this way - write an article full of facts about me. Who knows, maybe we (me and you, the person reading this article) do have something in common 😊 So...let's do it.

Here's the picture :

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1) Name
My name is Dominika.

2) Height
I'm circa 172 cm which is probably 5'7 I guess 😀

3) Age
I'm currently 22 years young.

4) Birthday
I was born on October 2.

5)Eye color
My eyes are light brown 🌰

6) Hair color
My natural hair color is dark brown 🍫

7)Favorite color
Ugh I have so many.... I love pink, baby blue, yellow, turquoise, navy blue, white, lime green, silver and gold...oh and of course red 🍎

8)Favorite food
I like fried cheese with french fries, strawberries, blue ice-cream and some typical slavic and hungarian national dishes 😋

9)favorite song
Currently are my favorite songs :

Daddy Yankee ft. Steve Aoki, Elvis Crespo & Play-N-Skillz - Azukita

Daddy Yankee ft. J Alvarez - El Amante

Daddy Yankee ft. Arcangel - Guaya


Daddy Yankee - Vaiven

Rita Ora - Anywhere

One-T + Cool-T - The Magic Key

Mr. President - Coco Jambo

Christina Aguilera - Show Me How You Burlesque

Lady Gaga - Love Game

....and many many others 😄

10) Favorite TV show
I like The Simpsons, Friends, Rick and Morty, Modern Family, American Dad, South Park, Daria, Futurama and a slovak tv show called Najväčšie kriminálne prípady Slovenska (Worst slovak criminal stories) and of course American Horror Story.

11) Favorite movie
Mean girls (duh 🐭), John Tucker Must Die, Some Like It Hot, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Rush Hour trilogy, Burlesque, The Conjuring and Flatliners.

12) Favorite book
Harry Potter series (the classic), Divergent series, American Tragedy, Frankenstein, Dracula and basically everything written by Edgar Allan Poe, he was a mad genius.

13)Favorite singer

Ariana Grande

cutie, ari, and grande image

Lady Gaga

Image removed


Image removed

14) Favorite actor/actress

Channing Tatum

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Sofía Vergara

sofia vergara, 90s, and model image

Mila Kunis

Temporarily removed

15) Relationship status
Happily taken 💞💞💞

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16)first kiss
My very first kiss was when I was only 2 or 3 years old.

17) miss anyone
Just my family and friends who live abroad.

18)last song you heard

AronChupa - Little Swing ft. Little Sis Nora

19) pets
I have a female sable german shepherd named Duffy.

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20) Favorite school subject
In elementary school - geography (geography about my home country), art and reading
In middle school - history, art, slovak language, english and geography
In high school - german and english language, psychology & geography
In college - phonetics and phonology, business english, history of german culture and studies

21) Least favorite school subject
Mathematics because you can't use your fantasy and own thoughts, it's stricly about facts. I also didn't enjoy physical education due to my strong anemia.

22)Battery percentage
Currently only 26%

23)phone you have
iPhone 7

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24) country you live in
Slovakia 🇸🇰

25) last text
I guess it was to my mum or to my boyfriend.

26) Plan on getting married
At first I didn't want to but after I met my boyfriend I changed my opinion. Probably after I finish my Master's degree.

27) Number of kids I want
I think two are enough.

28) Favorite app
We Heart It, Instagram and Twitter.

29) Zodiac sign
I'm a Libra ♎️

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30) Favorite holiday
Halloween 🕷 🕸

31)celebrity crush

Channing Tatum

channing tatum, Hot, and boy image

Austin Mahone

austin mahone and boy image

Marlon Brando

marlon brando, cat, and black and white image

32) what are you wearing right now
my blue pajama 😄

33) how do you feel right now
relaxed 😌

34) one wish
That all my wishes will come true.

35) Best friend's name.
Actually I have more than just one friend. My closest friends are Sophie, Diana, Ester and Nicole. But I have waaay more close friends.

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36) Lucky number
27, 9 and 48

37)sports you play
I was a dancer for seven years (if that counts) and when I was a kid I played street football (pepsi cans were the football gate and the fattest kid was always the goalkeeper) and I also tried baseball and volleyball.

38) Number of siblings
Luckily just one younger brother.

39)Biggest fear
That something bad will happen to some of my closest family members.

40)shoe size
european 38, british 5 and american 7.

41)been bullied
Yes, because I was never like everyone else. I look different and I'm the boss of myself. And for narrow-minded people this has been always pain in the ass.

42)favorite season

43) favorite place
Currently Miraj Resort 🌴

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44) Favorite quote
Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything.
-Lisa Simpson

45)country you would like to visit
Mexico, Dominican Republic and Argentina. Oh and Cuba!

46) one thing no one knows
There isn't such a thing I guess. I'm very open.

47) Believe in ghosts
Thanks to some experiences yes.

48) Working somewhere
No because I'm still studying and school is for me full-time. I have no time for work to be honest and my schedule is full - I start at Monday morning and finish on Friday noon. On weekends I'm free but I need some rest because the whole week I'm very busy.

49) been drunk
No, because I'm a Slavette. While my non-slavic friends lay on the ground, I'm still sober 💪🏽

Well I have a serious relationship... so what do you think? 😄

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So that would be all 🙂 how about you? would you join this challenge? Do we have somehting in common? Let me know!

See you in the next article🌸

Your Meshty 🐬