I know! I’m a Day late, but Spring Break finished so I returned to school, and yesterday I was very busy. I started the article, but couldn’t finish, because when I was about to finish, it erased by its own. This doesn’t mean I forgot about day 4 ✍️

Sorry for the boring introduction, let’s do this!

Day 3

“Write about two memories”

I wanted to write abou a happy and a sad memory. But I can’t remember any sad momment, so I decided to write about an embarrassing one. Enjoy (?

An embarrassing moment...

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On our school’s science fair, some people in my class (including me) had to dance merengue (music of my country) with the typical costumes.
For girls, this costume includes a “blouse” called “agua lluvia”. This kind of blouses let your shoulders visible (Please look for pictures in google, because it’s hard to explain and I couldn’t find pictures in WHI). So that day I used a strapless bra.

Before dancing, we were standing waiting for the music to start. While waiting, the wind lifted a part of the blouse, and part of my bra was shown. I quickly fixed and nobody noticed.

But I was wrong...

A week or so went by, and one of our teachers told us he recorded the dance with his new camera and that he would show it. So he turns on the projector and plays the video. I wasn’t nervous, I thought that if he recorded the dance, he recorded it from a good angle.

I was totally wrong again...

He recorded from the perfect angle to see me. When the wind made its beautiful act, thE FREAKIN’ CAMERA ZOOMS TO MY CHEST AND THE WHOLE CLASS SEES MY BRA.

Everyone was laughing. I felt so embarrassed. The only thing I could do was to hide my face in my hands while laughing too. Laughing about myself is better than crying in front of the whole class, right? But after some minutes, I couldn’t hold it anymore, so I went to the bathroom and released a couple of tears (I’m dramatic af). Thankfully no one ever noticed.

While everyone was laughing he said he “didn’t check the video before” so he “didn’t noticed”, yet he never apologized. He said at that moment he was testing the zoom. I know it wasn’t on purpose, because then he wouldn’t show us.

Today nobody has mention this, so maybe most of them don’t remember and I hope they will never remember. I never mentioned it and neither will I do (One of my best friends just read this while I was distracted so... now she remembers ._.) But I do remember, and it was one of the most worst and embarrassing days of my life.

I’m going to finish with a happy memory ❤️

First time skating

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New York, November 2011. My little sister, who was 6 years old, my father and I went to a park which had an ice rink.

Days ago, we saw the rink in Reckefeller Center. Of Course I wanted to try, but there were a lot of people, so my dad promised we would try another day.

When I saw the other rink at that park, I asked my dad if I could try now, and he agreed. We rented some ice skates and enter the rink.

And that was the moment I fell in love.

It was magical for a 9-year-old Caribbean girl to “walk” in ice. After a couple of minutes, I knew how to skate without grabbing the handrails. For being my first time, I wasn’t bad at all. And I loved it. I knew I wanted to continue practicing it.

Unfortunately, it’s been 6 years now and that was the last time I saw an ice rink. I live in the Caribbean, and as you could guess we do not have ice rinks at all, and skating with wheels doesn’t feels the same way.

But I promised myself it wouldn’t be the last time I skated, so it won’t be.

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The end.

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