Do you ever get that feeling in the night
When you feel like running
When you feel like everything is possible?
But you lose your spark when you wake up?
Now, the power of mind is what's keeping us enlightened
Seize that moment, that feeling, grab it and hold on to it like your life's depending on it;
Cause, it actually does.
Nothing good can come from negativity in your mind
The energy you radiate is like a boomerang;
You can be on the same wavelength of light as a ray of sunshine -
or the opposite, dark as night without stars and the moon,
But it's your choice which one you'll be more like,
Cause neither path can be only sunny either rainy
Use your every day so that you could tell or write another story, a book, burn bright like the sun
In the end,
It's your mind, you have the power to control it.