➣ My middle name is Vanessa. Almost all my friends call me Vanessa but I prefer the nicknames that my friends have given me: Vani and Vane (van-eh). No one Knows my Real name beside my family.

➣ I love horror movies but I’m almost always scared after watching them.

➣ I love food with all my heart ♥

➣ I have anxiety.

➣ I go without makeup in my daily life.

➣ I'm Hispanic

➣ I am a bubbly character who has the uber amount of energy, however, weirdly I have a shy side to me that reveals itself now and then….

➣ My favourite colour is royal blue.

➣ Birthday December 25, 2002 (Wednesday) have been alive for 5,579 days! (Capricorn) 15 yrs old.

➣ I really like randomly putting my money between pages of different books because when I left it there for a long time then I forgot that I’ve put some money there then I opened that certain book I always got surprised and happy xD

➣ I’m allergic to the cereal Apple Jacks (or just something in it I guess??)

➣ I am ticklish, and I get extremely violent when tickled, and I will go for the painful parts. I punched a girl in the boobs once cuz she was tickling me.

➣ I sleep with an open window, even in winter.

➣ I like Jack Daniels and movie nights.

➣ I love horse riding, but I haven’t done that in ages.

➣ I have a phobia of blood & needles but I want to do something in the medical field, but I'm ok with shots ( in fact, I really like the feeling of getting a shot lolol )

➣ My birth language is Spanish, but I also speak English (duh XD) and a little bit of French and German (a really LITTLE bit)

➣ I have a baby voice XD I don't know why I just do

➣ Justin Bieber ♥

➣ I hate folding and putting my clothes away so I usually just stuff them all in my closet.