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0.0: Car Hook-Ups and Morning Classes

Throggs Neck, New York
10th of March, 2018

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It was a early morning sleep for Ashlynn Walters who was sleeping comfortably in her profound queen-sized bed, all snuggled up in her flurry white blanket. Her head was buried deep into her pillows along with her nighttime bandana covering her eyes as she slept peacefully on cold, winter morning.

Suddenly, the time on her iPhone X, started to play Khalid's song 8TEEN for a quick moment before automatically connecting to her Amazon Alexa as the song started to transcend throughout the entire bedroom. Ashlynn groaned a bit before shifting her body over to the other side of her bed, pulling her blanket close to her chest as she tried to get more shut-eye for a couple of minutes.

Soon the sound of Khalid singing from Alexa cut off as Ashlynn's phone started to ring along with vibrating hysterically against her nightstand. "Who's calling me at this time?", Ashlynn mumbled as she sat up from her bed, pulling the bandana above her head as she grabbed her phone from her charger stand.

[1] Missed Call from Lucky 😝🍆💦

Ashlynn yawned as she rubbed her sore, tired
eyes before looking down at her phone, unlocking it before sending her ex-boyfriend a quick text message regarding to the early phone call that disturb her sleep.

Lucky 😝🍆💦: Wake up. Comin' over to your place in 30 minutes
[delivered 8:17am]
[seen 8:17am]

Ashlynn rolled her eyes a bit, grumbling as she pulled the blanket off her tired body. She walked over to her bathroom, starting the day off as she brushed her teeth then scrubbing her face down with a detox facial soap and water.

Ashlynn then stripped off her nightly white t-shirt and black pajama bottoms as she turned on the shower where her waterproof bathroom speaker started to pick up Khalid's song as she stepped in the shower. It only took her a good 15 minutes, and she soon got out and dried herself out before wrapping a towel around her petite body.

Before walking over to her small-sized closet, she applied some deodorant and some scented lotion all over her legs, arms and face. Soon, she threw on a superhigh white crop hoodie with white loose-fitting sweatpants, and a pair of red Jordans. Since she was enrolled in a private university up in Manhattan, Ashlynn didn't mind that the school's policy was very lenient about their dress code.

Temporarily removed

After getting dressed up for the day, she spent majority of the time straightening out her medium length dark brunette hair before placing it into a simple bump that was only pinned down by a couple of bobby pins. The front door knocked while Ashlynn was working on slicking down her baby hairs with styling gel.

"I'm coming.", Ashlynn sighed, putting the gel back in its possession before exiting the bathroom and heading over to the front door

Ashlynn rushed over to the front door, fixing her hair a bit before opening the door for her ex-boyfriend, Lucky. "About time you showed up.", Ashlynn smiled as she gave her ex a friendly hug

"Don't you look fine as hell.", Lucky complimented, looking up and down at Ashlynn's outfit

"Yeah well", She shrugged a bit, "I tried to wear something comfortable."

"Ready to go?"

Ashlynn nodded, grabbing her phone and uninstalling all the speakers before leaving her apartment with her ex-boyfriend.

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