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April 5th 2018
Bad boy Malik

I had a dream where I had just gone swimming in a river by myself and I didn’t bring a change of clothes or towel and I lost my bikini top in the water, so I had to walk back home across the road in just my bikini bottoms, clutching my naked chest.

I was hoping no one would notice me but then 3 greasers began howling and whistling, hollering at me as they came towards me from the house next door. I start to walk faster towards my house but that’s when I noticed Zayn casually walking towards me from my right. He was smoking a cigarette, and he was dressed like a 50s bad boy (I’m pretty sure the universe I was in was set in the 50s somehow cause the greasers lol) with the leather jacket, floppy black hair over his beautiful eyes and everything.

As the 3 other boys in their white shirts and singlets began to close in, he spoke to me lowly so they couldn't hear. “Don’t worry I’ll get you inside the house safe.”

This is where the dream gets really odd, but to get into my house I had to go through a cat door in my backyard fence which when you went through it, you had to go underwater for a couple seconds until you swam through to the next cat door and then you were in the backyard, dry out of water.

Anyway, so I got to the door with Zayn behind me, I crawled in and I was just about to reach the second cat door when suddenly rough hands tug me back at the waist, and I kicked and flailed my arms because I was losing air. But then they let go and I reached the cat door, got into my backyard and I turned to see Zayn magically at my side, still smoking peacefully. Unharmed.

One of the boys weaselled through the cat door, and decided to taunt Zayn while he stalked towards us with a sly grin. “Oh, you smoking a joint Zayn?”

He retorts back, “I only do cigarettes, you know that.”

I guessed that the two were familiar with each other somehow. Zayn proceeds to block the greaser from coming any closer to me with his tall build as I raced towards the glass doors to get inside my house and get some decent clothes on.

Personally, I'm really sad I didn't get to thank Zayn. But damn that was a cool dream hahaha!