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Welcome to one more article! Today this article is going to be a bit different because it will be a collaboration with @enjoyalittle. We are going to talk about 10 ways through spring to new beginnings, so after reading this article where I will present 5 ideas read her article that also contains 5 ideas!

By talking a little about this article, I always thought that spring was the time of change. Everything is reborn at this time of year, from the flowers to the birds that begin to sing, so it's a great time to make changes in our lives too!

1. Digital Detox

We spent a lot of time on our phones and social media, so it can really affect our mood and way of perceiving the world. Delete old photos and messages, update your contacts list (getting rid of the numbers that are not essential anymore), take up the “inbox zero” philosophy, unfollow accounts you are no longer interested in, delete apps you don’t use, go through your files on your laptop, etc.

A good habit to get into is setting a time to turn off your phone. It could be turning all your devices one hour before bed, no phones during dinner, etc.

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Being honest, who knows what’s under there?? It is a great time to have an answer to that question, so get everything out, organize it, find a place for it and clean under there.

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Do you, but the best version of you!
Let go of the regrets holding you down and focus on the present! Invest more time in yourself. Reduce the negative vibes in your life and replace them with positive energy only! Take time to take care of yourself, even if it is the littlest thing you can do, such as painting your nails a color you love. Maybe try a new haircut or a new hair color! Maybe buy some face masks and make it a habit to have a pamper night once a week!

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Is there something that isn’t working anymore? Something you wish you did differently? Just change it. Go through your morning and night routine (any other you may have) and see what it is working, and what is not. Now with the change of weather you might want to change a few things around. Maybe it will be easier for you to wake up one or two hours earlier every day now that the sun is already up and it is warmer.

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And if you are not into reading, start a new reality show or tv series. Have something you look forward to when you get home.

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I hope these 5 tips have helped you in some way! Do not forget to read Bel's article that has the other 5 tips, I am sure you will love it!

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All the love Jeni and Bel!

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