that day, I put on a jacket,
walked out of the house,
shut the door and started taking my steps

these were the moments I had to myself
I breathed in the heavy, humid air
every breath I took I had to myself

I was walking alone
but I didn't feel alone,
I was just alone with the thoughts in my head

as I concentrated on every step I took
I noticed that you were following me
no, you were walking right by my side

I noticed that with every breath I took
I picked up the sweet scent of the soap you use
I noticed with every inch I walked
I tried to walk at the same pace you were
I noteved that every thought I had
I was telling to you

it was like the late summer night
we had had too much to drink and now
I couldn't stop myself from telling you all my secrets

that moment, I felt so close to you
and after all, all of it only happened
in my head