Hey guys! Thanks for clicking and welcome to my second article. I felt really motivated by the returns on my first article and I'm therefore decided to keep writing!

Back to the main subject: Indoor PLANTS! There are doing quite the buzz in all the decoration articles/magazine/review etc... and for reason! Indeed, they add a lovely cozy touch, some life and fill up the space in a natural way! WE LOVE IT!
So my article will be on the main ones, you can easily find, and the tricks to take good care of your new housemates. ;)


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Cactus are the dream as they are super easy to take care of and you can easily find them for cheap!

The indoor version of Cactus, that you will find, are known as "cacti" they do not need much light. Can be direct or indirect. Just be careful during winter might be better to keep it near a window! Just give it a bit of water once every week or so (up to two week) and you are all set! Perfect for those who don't have much time!


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Super cute and fill up the room! Ideal for the living room or the bedroom/bathroom, if you ask me but can be place anywhere really!

Another easy to take care plant that require low-light! It needs to have a moist soil though so every two days on average it will be advice to water it. Be careful, however, not to overwater it! These kind of plants love humidity and do well in bathrooms but it isn't a requirement!!


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Bonsai trees need good daylight but not direct sunlight. If possible to be kept on an humidity tray as it will create some humid atmosphere (at the beginning of the growth). The important bit is the watering as it vary a lot. You have to check the soil if it is light brown needs to be watered! The soil should be kept dark brown therefore wet but like the two previous plants never overwater them! (Well avoid as much as possible ;) )


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My personal kitchen essential! It is really satisfying to grow you own mint, parsley, thyme ... and just add them to all your delicious homemade dishes. Not only it adds a nice vibe in your kitchen but also you know where it come from when you are using in your recipe #chemicalfree . To be fair everything is better when it's homemade!

Here it varies according to the one you choose. So, I am sorry but you will have to check it. If I am being honest I am not an expert as mines have all died during this winter... #RIPmyplants

Okay guys, I'll leave you with these but you should that there are plenty of them out there, big, small, tall or short and I encourage that you look out for your favourite. However, choose wisely as some need more care than others! I have a Venus Fly Trap in my bedroom (for example) and I just love it! Needs to be watered every two days! But overall easy to keep alive!

Hope you enjoyed!! Down is the link to my Indoor collection so you can have some ideas on how to arrange your plants! :) It is up to you to go from just a cactus on you desk to an entire indoor jungle!

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