This is late but consider it march/april

1. Tongue tied - grouplove

girl, grunge, and indie image

2. Young folks - peter bjorn and john

aesthetic, boy, and city image

3. Redbone - childish gambino

Image by littlefridd

4. Prune, you talk funny

aesthetic, denim, and retro image

5. Paper planes - M.I.A.

makeup, freckles, and eyes image

6. Otherside - perfune genius

aesthetic, architecture, and travel image

7. Loving is easy - Rex orange county

beach, sea, and summer image

8. Les framboises - stone

adventure, europe, and nature image

9. Le temps de l'amour - april march (btw many of the french songs i discovered when searching for this song, from moonrise kingdom.)

beautiful, photography, and summer image

10. Here comes the sun - the beatles

duck, animal, and cute image

11. Freaky love - captain kidd

hair image

12. Everybody wants to love you - japanese breakfast

water, aesthetic, and dress image

13. Don't talk about love - goneo (ok this isn't that good but i would just like to support the girl who sings because she is really nice irl)

fancy, glitter, and gliter image

14. Cigarette daydream - Cage the elephant

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

15. Cet air-la - april march (omg so pretty i wanna cry)

beach, ocean, and sea image

16. Cet air-la - france gall
( a spicy version of the previous)

picnic, aesthetic, and food image

17. Buzzcut season - lorde

photography, asia, and city image

18. Broken - lund

dark and aesthetic image

19. Vertigo - brian marc

book and beach image

20. Time away from home - summer salt

feed, Greece, and holiday image

21. Icon - jaden smith

car, boy, and photography image

thanku for ur time hope u like my taste in music and if u do we can be friends hit me up.