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So I’ve been tagged by Tess and Bel (links and articles below) to do this challenge! This is like my general, non-specific ‘what’s in my bag’ as depending on where I’m going (e.g. travelling overseas, short trip out) and stuff, it will vary. These will just be the main things I have in my bag most of the time! (I excluded some as they are weird 😂.) My main bag is a “small-ish” Kipling backpack which I use most of the time, if not all the time.

( bel )
( bel )

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✦ Book ✦

This is a must unless it’s for an actually VERY short trip.

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✦ iPad (mini) ✦

I have this for many reasons...since I use it for many reasons...😂 But honestly, I usually bring this around with me everywhere.

✦ Water bottle ✦

CANNOT survive without this.

✦ Phone ✦

I actually use my iPad more than I do my phone but nowadays I’m using my phone a bit more for calls (and other stuff) so I bring it around a bit more often now.

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✦ Lip Balm ✦

My lips are always so chapped oh my gods.

✦ Earphones/Headphones ✦

Although I hardly use this when I’m out, I bring it just in case.

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✦ Small packet of tissues ✦

Because, duh.

✦ Wet wipes/hand sanitiser ✦

For when you don’t want to walk to the toilets before eating just to wash your hands...

✦ Girl stuff ✦

Obviously, I need to make sure I bring you know what in case my you know what comes out of the blue...

✦ Little alpaca keychain/hanging thing ✦

But it’s for fandom reasons. I know it doesn’t seem like it but honestly, it is. It’s just hard to explain how it relates to one my fandoms. I don’t even use it as a keychain/hanging thing (I can’t think of the word!!).

✦ My glasses ✦

I wear glasses, but not as a “daily routine” kind of thing, as in I don’t wear it all the time. I keep it in my bag just in case something turns up and I need them...you never know when you might suddenly decide to go see a movie (this has happened once to me and I didn’t have my glasses!).

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✦ Some other stuff... ✦

✦ A bottle of lotion/hand cream
✦ This ointment/inhaler thing for when I travel 😂 (I get motion sickness and I hate the smell on planes...if you get me... I don’t have asthma.)
Some money (I am still young and irresponsible ok?)
✦ Pencil and paper (sometimes game pad)
✦ Eye drops
✦ Small torch/laser
✦ Sweets/Chocolate
✦ Small bottle of perfume

That’s it! Of course this is very weird but...

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