Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Let me introduce this young 18 years old girl which loves to scream on boys!

JUST KIDDING .. But it is actually true. You will see later.

Let me introduce myself
Hi! I'm Ivana. :) Most people call me Iva.

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1 │ Where are you from? : I'm from Slovakia. One little hint: Not from Bratislava. But it still belongs to the bigger towns in Slovakia.

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2 │ How old are you? : 18
3 │ What is your nationality? : Slovak with Ruthenian relatives.
4 │ Which languages do you speak? : Slovak, Czech, English, Russian ( priority ;) ), Turkish and Polish ( my accent is worse in Polish language, totally fake I think xD )
Does Ruthenian language or some people think is it only just a dialect count between them?
5 │ Music : Where I should start? I listen some songs from TV Series and movies, I love Harry Potter and TVD score soundtrack, I listen also songs from figure skating programs. And my playlist starts from American Authors through russian Dima Bilan and it ended with turkish group Kolpa. Just ask me :) I have this a lot in a playlist.

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Evgenia's free skating program "Did you hear me, didn't you hear me?", or her Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and don't forget on Anna Karenina's soundtrack or Osmond and Zagitova's black swan

7 │ DESCRIBE YOURSELF : Quiet before classmates, caring, ambitious, sassy, well-behaved (before adults ;) ), honest, when I got an anger, stay away from me xD, i would beat that perverts in my school and they are acting to girls literally like to the prostitues, stubborn fighting for women's rights, strict big sister and and an artsy person

8 │ TV SERIES : Supergirl, The Flash, Pretty Little Liars, Riverdale, The Simpsons, I can't remember on more of them :D

9 │ VISITED COUNTRIES: Austria, France, Hungary, Poland, Ireland,

10 │ ON MY BUCKET LIST : Iceland, Turkey, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Japan