I wonder what it’s like to be a bird...
or any other animal
what it feels like, how they see the world ...
Life is hard for all of us, for sure
but animals don’t complain about it or we just can’t understand it.
They just live.
They don’t spend their time worrying about nonsense.
They live in the moment.

aww, blue, and boys image

All they need is freedom, warmth, food and water.. and some company.
Because even animals can’t stand loneliness. They need some attention and love too.
They fight for their loved ones just like people do.
They fear danger and death as well
and they get tired and sick too.
But they never give up life.

bird, cage, and free image

If they’re stuck in a cage they always try to find a way to escape, to be free and independent, because that’s their natural state;
To deal with life alone, to struggle with finding food, safety, and a partner, to LIVE!

penguin and animals image

Most animals’ life is shorter than humans’ and they live day by day in nature not knowing if it’s their last either because of lack of water and food or because they can become someone else’s food but they don’t think about it.
They do whatever they have to do to stay alive until they leave generation and take care and even sacrifice themselves to keep their babies alive until they’re big enough to take care of themselves alone. Us people can relate to this too...

animal, fox, and tiger image

The difference between humans and animals is that animals have instincts and can’t think like people can but different animals have many other abilities like better vision, smell, hearing, speed, and flexibility that people do n’t. They don’t care about their appearance so much and the opinions of other animals about them, most of them don't hold grudges and don’t procrastinate.
And they don't create problems for themselves to solve like us people do because they can't think.

black and white, grunge, and evolution image

Maybe with time as we evaluated our instincts faded and we almost lost them. We tamed animals and now we're safe and don't worry about them killing us. We found ways to have food of all kinds and water everywhere we go.
Now we don't have to chase our food or look for it, even migrate to look for water like we did many years ago as animals do. We don't have to even process food because we created machines that can do it for us.
Nowadays the animals we fear that may kill us are mostly cars.
And our fear of not finding food is replaced by fear of not finding a job.
Everything today is about money. We need money to survive.

Technology has changed our lives and made it either easier or harder, depending on how we view things...
But sometimes we just have to stop scrolling through social media and look around, notice the little things in nature like the birds chirping, the sunset, the moon and the stars at night, the warm sun strokes, and all the colorful flowers and trees of all kinds.
Because nature is our home. 🌿💕💕