I stood in the middle of a field.
Its vastness of delicate daisy and forget-me-knot overwhelmed me with a peace that filled my heart to the brim.
Before me is a door.
A bubble gum pink door
It just stood there.
Watching me.
Carefully. Questionably.
I can picture this rather innocent looking door
leering at me.
Curious to know what I would do.
Would I open it and go where ever it lead
Or stay in the field of comfortableness.
It glittered with the presence of hope.
Hope of what could happen.
Or what could be.
Curiosity killed the cat.
Or so people say.
It wasn’t until I opened the door-
when I discovered that it only lead to my death.
Is one truly alive if they never bother to take a chance?
Wonder and curiosity killed me-
We all allow certain things to chip us away.
Living our lives in the most mind numbing and unsatisfying way.
We believe our lives are worth living.
What's the point of living, without having a little wonder in it?
Inevitably we all end the same way anyways.

By: misskitkat143

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