Hi, hello, hey.
Welcome to my third post-whoop! ( I don't know how many whoops I can do before it gets too old).

Anyway, this post is going to be a plan of my spring break! School had been so so so stressful recently causing me to feel really run down about myself, physically and mentally.

THEREFORE, I have decided that this halfterm/break will be for me to relax & start feeling better about myself again. So nevertheless, this is my 10 ideas/tips of what my self care break will include.

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1. FACE MASKS: For me when I think of relaxation I instantaneously think 'face masks', not only do they replenish the skin they are also really cute for photos. I recommend @_blueyed_ post because she lists so many great recipes that are so so useful!
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2. MY PHONE: Believe it or not, what you look at every day takes a toll on your mindest. For example, if you are studying in a messy, unorganised room then that reflects on your mind and can cause un-necessary stress. Your phone can also be a cause of this.Therefore I recommend organising your phone in little folders, colour codes, order of relevance...

For me personally, I love excerise yet loathe it at the same time. I love the feeling of refreshness, confidence and all round health after moving. However, the temptation to do nothing is so strong I feel like I'm having an inward battle. So I promised myself as long as I do as much excerise that makes me feel proud about myself and confident, is enough. Excerising is great and all but don't push yourself too far as it can be damaging to yourself. Just remember, 'Rome wasn't built in a day'

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4. TIDY or REDO YOUR ROOM: I know what your thinking ( well what I would think), 'boring'. Like number 2, organisation is important. So put on a good playlist, comfy clothes, and get tidying!OR, you could completely redo your room, from something big like moving furniture around to adding fairylights and polaroid photos. Get creative!
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5. JOURNAL: I love the idea of journaling, being creative, your thoughts spread out on a page. You can do this on an actual journal and print photos out. Or you can do it digitally and save photos from pintrest or weheartit and keep them saved and on the go.
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6. MOVIES & SERIES: Have a particular movie or film series on Netflix you've been waiting to watch? Have a spa night or a movie night, choose a good film & some popcorn or snacks.
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7. GO SHOPPING: Everyone loves feeling and looking their best. Go shopping with friends or family and shop until you drop! ( not literally). Or you could go window shopping and choose the things you want to save for or wish to have.
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8. MAKE AN INSPIRATION BOARD/BACKGROUND: Make an inspiration board/background by choosing a collection of photos that inspire you, creates happiness, or photos that you would like your future to look like. You can set it as your background or print it off and put it around your room, be creative!
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9. EAT HEALTHY: This accompanies fitness and exercise. Eating healthy can also make you feel great. You can research many recipes and find dupes for unhealthy foods!
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10. GET ENOUGH SLEEP: Sleep can benefit you so much. Having enough sleep can be the start of a new day, so starting it off good can create a positive atmosphere. People are supposed to have 8-9 hours of sleep a day.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful!
Thank you for reading!
I hope you have an amazing day
lyl x