Do I know, or I don't?

— Sometimes, somethings,... I don't know. Please don't wonder that kind of questions, I don't know if i know or i dont, it depends, i guess.
Everyday there are a lot of questions to answersb and a lot of problems to solve but my mind is a mess, always to busy to create solid conclusions. An acceptable answer of a question drives me to another an more difficult question, but what can I do? absolutely nothing, each thing in this life is based on questions and the mind was created to never stop thinking.

This time, lets focus on a big big problem of thousands I have, I need to solve everyone, but first, this one.

— What is the problem?
— I mark every mistake I made, even if I havent made it yet.
— Why do I do it?
— This one is easy to answer. After realizing I do it and years and years of doing it over and over again, I finally have discovered it.
I do it because I want to people don't judge my actions thinking I don't know which is the correct way to act, but actually I do not know what is the correct way to act or, if I have already learned it from another bad experience, I don't act correctly because I am reserved, quiet and insecure.
— Ok, that have a lot of sense, isn't it?
— Yes, until here.
— You're right, I never stop, I always keep my mind working and... come on! , where are the consecuencies? everything have consecuences.
— Well, surprisingly, this does have consequences, people laught of me by being myself, and not for my ignorancy.
— Great! now I don't know what is better, people will laught of me anyways.
— It's normal people laught of others time to time, of course, and somethimes is for good situations.
— So, why are you so worried about this?
— I do not know!, I know not everytime is product of a bad thing or of a bad critic, I know somethimes it's because others think I am cute or I am funny and I know it!, i know it! But I just don't get it. Why am i like this?
— I don't know.
— I know what I am doing wrong but I don't know how to repair that, I don't do anything to change myself. I know I dont know how to change but i don't try enought to get the answer...
No, no, no, wait. Am I doing something wrong or i am just reflexing my personality and being myself? What I am doing wrong is thinking that this is a problem when there have never exist a real problem?
— How I know if I am being myself everyday? I am not because i cant answer that question quickly or i am becaise i cant say who i am imiting?
— Oh, damn!, I am an expert ending whit more unfinished answers than reconfortable ones.
— Yes, you are, well,... I am. Look, sometimes I laugh of my own mistakes and of my own actions, those ones that I think somepeople will considered ridiculos, like writing all this, but I don't laugh of it whit the intention I should do it, I don't know why I do this. In the bottom of my heart I love each action I do and each word I say whitout caring me if I was inspired by other or if am being myself, I like my life but I want to be a better person and live everyday a happier day than the day before, so I need to know, what I am doing is wrong? Why I am doing it? Should I keep doing that thing I considerated like a problem minutes before?

— I, I,... don't know.

An equivalent of a silent answer, an answer that shouldn't exist but is useful every time, every where whit every question and every kind of people. "I DON'T KNOW" is in everyone's mouth.

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I really, really appreciate you if you have read my entire article, i know it isn't that easy read a lot of words in a while. Thanks for reading! Oh, I almost forgot, sorry for grammatical mistakes you could find, I still learning english.

You can also check this article, it is write by @lucyp20027. When I read it there had been a while since I started writing this article and I simply thinked, "this is great, she does know how to write!, it is similar to «A conversation whit myself» but just better" and I inmediatly felt identified whit the content.