off topic but you´re the best thing that´s ever happend to me


girl, sunflower, and flowers image flowers, nature, and photography image Temporarily removed flowers, pink, and plants image

You would be spring, because after this cold time you came and warmed me up. You make me happy with your birds and flowers.


kiss and love image kiss, love, and new girl image love, kiss, and couple image Temporarily removed

You would be the first kiss, because you are just unforgettable, wonderful and magical.


Image by Vicky Jutras fire, montana, and fogatas image

You would be fire. You are my light in the darkness, my warm in the cold.


Temporarily removed love, song, and quotes image

You would be my favourite song. I could hear to you 24/7 without get bored


forest, enchanted, and green image Clearing, forest, and nature image

You would be a clearing in a forest. You show me that there is always light when there is shadow.


red, strawberry, and fruit image flowers, roses, and foreverliving image

You would be red, because you give me power, but also because you´re spirited.


fashion, pink, and aesthetic image adidas, fashion, and outfit image

You would be an oversized jacket. First you think nah, but when you wear it you´re like: damn that jacket looks hot. hahah


girl, rain, and surf image beach, bora bora, and fitness image

You would be a summer rain. You are not like everyday. You are a refreshment when the heat is too much for me.

PS: I love you

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